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Type of cut Crupon
40 cm 70 cm
15.75 x 27.56 inches

Thickness 0,5 - 1,0 mm

Type of Leather Cowsuede - Splitsuede

Hardness Normal touch

Finish Fantasy - Printed Metallic / Laminated


Laminated cowsuede leather

Traditional tanning under European quality regulations with a flexible touch and firm texture ideal for your leather projects such as bags, belts, travel wallets, leather goods, artisan binding, footwear and much more

Resistant and flexible thanks to the chrome tanning technology more modern developed by our international suppliers who maintain their commitment to the environment

Tanned leather is a very dynamic product, there are different types of finishes with textures, different thicknesses but what differentiates one material from another is the creativity and originality of the user who handles it. leather, it is common for a leather to be used for very different finishes

Measure approx. 40 x 70 cm thickness 0.9/1.0 mm

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